Indian kitchen Appliances market for Chimney, Hob, Oven growing with rapid pace.

Chimney, Hob, Oven market growing rapid pace.

India’s kitchen appliances sector is well organised sector. It includes Chimney, hobs, built-in ovens/micros/dishwashers etc. Around more then 1000 crore revenue is generating every year with growth rates 25%.

Young Indian generation are willing to spend well hence they want to have the best good looking new products when they look to choose appliances for their kitchen. The trends for kitchen appliances are very fast in urban areas and its also getting speed in semi-urban and some parts in rural areas. Since kitchen is a very integral part of their home, given consumer lifestyles are changing and with rise in disposable incomes and urbanization on the rise the potential in kitchen appliances are huge with people willing to invest even a little extra for better products to bring the desired benefits in their lives.

Kitchen appliances competition is increasing day by day. Foreign companies adopting product launches, acquisition/ partnership as strategies, in order to expand their reach and gain a bigger market share, like Faber, Elica. ​Top ​Brands are KAFF, ​ELICA, HINDWARE and FABER ​and fast emerging brands like GAMLE ​are coming up with new and innovative appliances that consume less energy and are easy in use. Gamle is one of the most fast emerging starts up brand in kitchen appliances. it makes its presence in more then 15 states in very short time.

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