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We understand that today, with the shortage of time we have, the kitchens need to double up


We know that with Gamle adorning your kitchen, you would love your time there


We know that with Gamle adorning your kitchen, you would love your time there

About Gamle

GAMLE kitchen appliance is a flagship brand of Orange Crow International Pvt Ltd . It is a style statement and is of course setting a tradition and culture of its own in Indian kitchen space. It’s the need of discerning buyers of modern home appliances. Our products are very meticulously designed and produced to suit every Indian house hold requirements.

We ensure safety and also save electric consumption. The products are quite friendly and easy-to-use and easy to install. Acknowledging the fact that quality service is the other major parameter for brand acceptance in the market, GAMLE is the answer to all market dynamics in kitchen segment.

The Director and CEO of GAMLE is a very well-known and respected person in the industry and before starting his brand he himself has worked as a top professional and has been instrumental in raising a couple of top brands in the country in the recent past.

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Beautiful Artistry right in your Kitchens

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" We are determined to provide the best service to our esteemed buyers preferably within 24 hours from the time of call registration. We provide product installation and warranty services by our most trained, helpful and cultured Technical Service Engineers. "